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Years 1-5 Prep (Homework)


Prep in the Pre-Prep School provides opportunities to consolidate learning and prepare for future academic challenges. It is assessed in both formative and summative ways and includes:

  • Consolidation of learning in Literacy (English), Mathematics and Theme
  • Research prior to the start of a Theme or to find out more about a current Theme
  • Stand-alone special events
  • Working towards project presentations

Each child in Pre-Prep School has a Prep folder that contains sections for English, Mathematics, Theme and Other.

Every year group in the Pre-Prep School designates one ‘Prep Day’ per week that is most suitable for collecting in and handing out Prep based on the distribution of specialist lessons. On this particular day, each child will be given:

  • One piece of English
  • One piece of Mathematics
  • One piece of Theme

In the older Pre-Prep year groups, regular spellings and/or times-tables are also given on a weekly basis on Prep Day. This is not constituted as a piece of English or Mathematics Prep, but a standing requirement of students.

The ‘Other’ section in the Prep folder is used for:

  • Prep set by specialist teachers (Generally, Chinese, Spanish and French)
  • Teachers to negotiate extra Prep with parents, such as handwriting practice

Reading – An element of reading is expected each evening. Younger children take home short picture books and change them on a regular basis. Older children take home chapter books and change them on a less frequent basis.

Project Work – At times, year groups may wish to ask students to carry out more in depth project work that requires more than the allotted time for any one of English, Mathematics or Theme Prep tasks. In this case, an explanation is sent with the Prep stating that the usual pattern of Prep is amended for the week in order that children can divert time to the project. However, standing items (spellings and/or times-tables) should not be interrupted.

Prep by Year Group

  • Year 1 – Evening reading, Phonics and high frequence words (10-15 minutes)
  • Year 2 – Evening reading, Phonics, high frequence words spelling and timestables (15-20 minutes)
  • Year 3 – Evening reading, Spelling and timestables (20-30 minutes)
  • Year 4  – Evening reading, Spelling and timestables (25-35 minutes)
  • Year 5  – Evening reading, Spelling and timestables (30-45 minutes)