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Art Department

The Upper School Art Department is conveniently located on the main entrance level of the School and consists of a spacious studio area with high ceilings and large windows, which provide plenty of natural light, creating a wonderful working environment. The department is well stocked with all the necessary artists materials and is equipped with easels, a printing press, kiln room, cameras, an art library and iMac computers, which are used for research and photo editing. Adjacent to the studio area is a gallery space where there is a continuous display of work, which is changed on a termly basis. The department is open at lunchtimes, after school, in enrichment time, and during prep-time for Sixth Form students providing the opportunity to continue with any coursework, or work on their own personal projects.

The Art department is a place that students have the opportunity to develop appreciation of the visual world and to express themselves through the visual arts by creating meaningful and personal work of which they can be proud. 


Curriculum Information

Prep School (Years 6-8)
In the Prep School students join the upper school Art department and enjoy the opportunity to explore a range of materials, techniques and artists. Prep School Art includes a range of projects that explore drawing, painting, print, collage, mixed media, sculpture and ceramics. The Prep School curriculum also aims to make connections with Art in its wider context throughout history and today. Prep School students will also be selected to have work displayed in our termly exhibitions.

Senior School (Years 9-11)
In the Senior School students complete work towards their GCSE in Art through Edexcel. The preparation begins in Year 9 with the introduction of weekly prep to give students the time to develop work based on personal interest and research. Students continue to explore a range of art making techniques and support practical work with analysis and evaluation. The GCSE program engages students in the development of artwork from research and recording through to resolved final pieces. Once students elect Art at Year 10 they begin work towards a portfolio that represents the coursework of their submission and will complete an examination section in the Spring Term of Year 11. 

Sixth Form (Years 12-13)
In the Sixth Form students complete the Edexcel AS-level qualification in Year 12 and A-level in Year 13. Students select their chosen focus for a coursework project in Years 12 and 13. Students increasingly work towards their strengths in the subject whilst still being encouraged to experiment and challenge themselves. Students complete an examination in the Spring Term of Years 12 and 13. Students will also complete a written Personal Study as part of the coursework in Year 13. 

Outside the Classroom

Please visit the extra-curricular section for further details.

Head of Department: Mr R. Stratton