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Drama Department

Drama is a subject that enables students to develop their interest in and understanding of the importance of performance, drama and theatre, while enjoying the opportunity to work imaginatively and creatively in a range of collaborative contexts. Through their involvement in drama lessons, students improve their skills as creative, critical and reflective thinkers. They also learn skills of leadership, cooperation and presentation that will benefit them in all areas of their lives.

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Curriculum Information
Prep School (Years 6-8)

Prep School students develop their confidence, creativity and collaborative skills through the practical exploration of a range of different genres, issues, texts and practitioners.

Units of work are based on an issue (e.g. bullying, family issues, identity), a skill (e.g. puppetry, masks, voice) or a play text (e.g. A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Dr Faustus, Sparkleshark).

Lessons are practical and often involve some element of collaborative work. Students are frequently expected to perform in front of their peers in order to help them improve their use of voice, movement and gesture and to ensure that they develop increasing awareness of the possibilities of Drama in performance.

Senior School (Years 9-11)

The Cambridge IGCSE Drama course is followed. During this course, students develop a better understanding of the use of drama to generate, explore and develop ideas. They also develop their performance skills and their knowledge of theatrical forms, traditions and practitioners.

The key areas of study include:
Through practical and theoretical study, pupils develop an understanding and enjoyment of drama, developing group and individual skills and studying ways to communicate ideas and feelings to an audience. They learn how to discover the performance possibilities of a text and other stimuli, and devise dramatic material of their own. Pupils also develop their performance skills, the demonstration of which will form part of the final assessment.

​Outside the Classroom
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Head of Department: Ms S. Davis