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Government and Politics Department

Politics is the study of power in society and how this is used to make decisions. Furthermore it looks at how conflicts in society are resolved. Students spend the AS-level year studying the United Kingdom political system, while at A2 the focus shifts to the United States. Students study the interplay between the different branches of government and then go on to look at some key themes including Pressure Groups, Parties and Elections.

Curriculum Information

Sixth Form (Years 12-13)
Students follow the Edexcel course. The focus at AS-level is about acquiring political vocabulary and applying this to debates and policy development in the UK. Students cover a wide range of issues including such diverse topics as the Scottish independence debate, what Coalition government means, and whether the Judiciary is becoming too active.

At A2-level students make contrasts with the United States system where the emphasis is on conflicts between the President and Congress; whether the Supreme Court is becoming increasingly conservative, and, to what extent the Electoral college works, to name just a few of the areas that are studied.

Outside the Classroom

It is essential that students keep up to date with political developments by reading the quality press. This is a course with a contemporary flavour and students should keep abreast with political developments and engage in activities like the Model United Nations.

Head of Department: Ms A. King