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Mathematics Department

The primary aim of the department is to foster an appreciation and love of Mathematics in all students so that they feel free to explore, try, question, fail, and learn skills that are transferable across many academic disciplines. This means equipping all our students with the numerical skills, enhanced problem solving abilities, and logical processes that will benefit them far beyond the time span they will spend in school.

Curriculum Information

Prep School (Years 6-8)
Prep School Mathematics lessons are an opportunity for students to discover and develop an enjoyment for this fascinating and varied subject. Previous learning is consolidated and built upon and new topics are introduced each year. Students are provided with opportunities to develop their problem solving, research, inquiry and collaboration skills throughout the year. Textbooks are not used as teachers find or create bespoke exercises for their classes. All students are set in Mathematics from the start of Year 6.

Senior School (Years 9-11)
From Year 9, all students prepare for the Edexcel Higher IGCSE curriculum, which must be taken at the end of Year 11. All students work towards an extended curriculum that provides suitable challenge and excellent preparation for both the IGCSE and A-Level Mathematics. Some sets will also work towards the Edexcel IGCSE Further Pure curriculum as part of an integrated scheme. This course provides exceptional challenge, which enables them to secure their highest potential at IGCSE Mathematics, as well as giving them the opportunity to earn an extra qualification. 

Sixth Form (Years 12-13)
Students can either choose to study A-Level Mathematics (a single A-level) or Further Mathematics (two A-levels). The Edexcel International A-level curriculum is followed, meaning that A2 students take six modules over two years: four on core topics such as calculus and trigonometry, and two on applications such as statistics, mechanics or decision. Further Mathematics students complete six modules in Year 12 and then study six more modules in Year 13: three extended core modules, and three further applications. Where appropriate, students can also be prepared for Oxford entrance (MAT), the Sixth Term Examination Paper (STEP), and the Advanced Extension Awards (AEA).

Outside the Classroom
The Department enters students each year for the three UKMT Mathematics Challenges. All students are eligible for at least one of these, but only those who show aptitude and commitment are entered. Non-compulsory ECA sessions are run that both prepare students for these challenges, and give them the opportunity to investigate problems of a type not seen in the “normal” curriculum. In addition there are various other exciting mathematical ECAs including, for the Prep School, Mathematics in the everyday world and, for the whole of the Upper School, Mathematical Modelling in the 4th Dimension and the new Mathematics Appreciation Society, where students work on video projects exploring interesting and challenging areas of Mathematics.

Head of Department: Mr D. Bastyan