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Music Department

The Music department prides itself on creating a suitable balance between excellence and inclusivity. The curriculum is designed to be easily accessible for students but at the same time stretches the most able students. We aim to foster an enjoyment in Music from a variety of different genres and styles and allow all students to have the experience of live performance. Although practically based initially, the curriculum aims to spark an interest in the deeper understanding of the complexities of Music that come with the academic study of the subject.

Curriculum Information

Prep School (Years 6-8)
From the very beginning of their time in the Prep School students combine the skills of musical performance, composition, listening and appraising. All students learn how to read staff notation and perform regularly as individuals and groups. They learn how to listen critically and apply this to their own creative output. During their time in the Prep School students learn about a variety of musical genres and become familiar with the ICT programs of Sibelius, GarageBand and Logic. The Prep School curriculum is a diverse and engaging introduction to the practical and academic skills required for further study of Music.

Senior School (Years 9-11)
The Edexcel GCSE is a course with even balance between performing, composing, listening and appraising. Students examine Western Musical styles ranging from the Baroque period to twentieth century music, Jazz and World Music. Knowledge of these styles is gained through the study of the twelve set works from the Edexcel GCSE Anthology. Students develop their listening and analytical skills through a variety of listening and written tasks. The exam component is purely based on the pieces that they have studied. The coursework elements are two performances, one solo and one ensemble and the completion of two contrasting compositions.

Sixth Form (Years 12-13)
The Edexcel AS/A2 course combines musical analysis, harmony and counterpoint, composing, performing and listening and appraising. Students study a selection of contrasting set works, both vocal and instrumental pieces for AS-level and with the addition of Applied Music for the A2 year. Compositions are completed to given briefs in both years and the study of four-part harmony and structured counterpoint helps to develop both the analytical skills and the depth of understanding of the students. Performing plays a fundamental role in the course with recitals being an integral part of each of the two years.

Outside the Classroom

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Acting Director of Music: Mr S. Tomlinson