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Physical Education Department

The main aim of the Physical Education department is to provide opportunity and excellence for all within a full and diverse sporting programme. The department offers physical education lessons for all students from Early Years to Year 9, compulsory swimming lessons each week for Early Years to Year 5, House sport to develop team spirit and sport for all, and a strong competitive extra curricular sports programme.

Students are expected to develop a desire to play the sport of their choices and maximise their sporting potential. This is done by providing up to three terms of their chosen competitive extra curricular sport. Eight excellent full-time Physical Education staff and many external specialist coaches are employed to guide each child. This offers “sport for all” but also focuses on developing the elite performance of each and every individual.

Curriculum Information 

Pre-Prep School (Years 1-5)
Each class in every year group in the Lower School has one Physical Education lesson per week. Within these lessons the aim is to develop grass roots transferable skills within a range of sports. These are grouped under the headings of invasion games, strike and field, racket sports and gymnastics. The programme delivers more advanced progressive practices and higher assessment expectations as the students move up through the year groups.

Students in the Lower School also receive one compulsory swimming lesson per week for the whole year. This is an essential life skill, living so close to the water in Hong Kong. It is also an excellent way of developing self-discipline, all round fitness, teamwork and confidence.

Prep School (Years 6-8)
Prep School students are exposed to sports that develop self-confidence, personal development and encourage social interaction. These sports cover strike and field, swimming, invasion games and racket sports. All develop the key understanding of competitive sports in differing environments and develop their spatial awareness and gross motor skills, whilst students are constantly interacting with their peers.

Senior School (Years 9-11)
The department provides Physical Education lessons for students in Year 9. As well as covering the same sport specific modules as in the Prep School, other modules covered are lacrosse and health related fitness. Within this students learn methods of training, diet and nutrition and the short- and long-term effects of exercise on the body, preparing them to take part fully in an active and healthy lifestyle.

In Year 10 students may opt for further learning and opportunity by taking the academic Cambridge IGCSE PE full course where students take a two year course learning about the principles of training, the social benefits of sport, the history and development of sport in society and schools, diet and nutrition for sport and the importance of leading an active and healthy lifestyle. This is assessed at the end of the course via a 150-minute exam which allows them to achieve up to 40% of the total mark. Students also need to perform to the highest level in four sports and provide coursework that consists of a personal analysis of performance and write a personal exercise programme for their chosen sport.

Outside the Classroom

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Head of Department: Mr D. Thomson