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Gap Tutors for 2018-19

Harrow Hong Kong considers Gap Tutors as Assistant Teachers without formal teaching qualifications that wish to gain work experience for a fixed period of time in a top international school in Hong Kong. Successful applicants are school leavers with appropriate qualities and experience, who intend to take a Gap Year before university (or possibly after university) with the ability and personality to:

  1. Enhance their skills through a programme of training and support in an international day and boarding school.
  2. Be able to contribute effectively to the life of an international school with a strong boarding ethos.
  3. Embrace being involved in a school with students of many nationalities and in learning about local culture in Hong Kong.
  4. Take advantage of the opportunities for exploring a new country, culture and traditions from the secure base of a familiar school environment. During the holiday periods Gap Tutors will also have the opportunity to explore the diversity of South East Asia.

Duration of Appointment
A full school year -

Gap Tutors from the northern hemisphere: From late August to late June

Gap Tutors from the southern hemisphere: From January to December

Gap Tutors' Experience